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Natural Stone & Quartz Quote/ Invoice / Contract ---   “ Teamwork
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Natural stone cut from mountains all over the world.  Natural stone is a product of nature, cut out of mountains in “blocks” and then cut into three  (3) cm. slabs – one and one-fourth inch thick. You should not expect a product of nature to be perfect like a man-made surface. Natural stone inherently lacks uniformity and variations of color shades, spots, and pattern movement should be expected. Each slab may have color variations from one part to another. Some natural stone colors have small “fissures” (tiny surface lines) that occur in rocks, --- this is normal. A few natural stones have long elongated fissures that go deep into the natural stone and could open.  In some natural stone, you may see pits, divots, chips, or indentations on the surface and/or sides of the natural stone, or on the bottom of the slab / countertop. Fissures, pits, divots, indentations, and chips may need to be filled with resin or epoxy and do not weaken or in any way speak to the quality of the stone. That’s part of the natural mountain rock.  ALL OF THESE INCONSISTENCIES ARE PART OF THE UNIQUE BEAUTY OF NATURAL  STONE. Reemphasize the thought ---- natural stone is a beautifully natural but imperfect mountain rock, and can not be warranted by Arco-Iris.  Engineered Quartz is warranted by the brand manufacturer.

When you select a color from a sample, remember that a sample is just a small piece of --- one large slab --- and the sample may not be an exact match to the slabs from which your countertop will be fabricated. A sample may not show the range and variations of color and movement created by nature, in the entire slab. If you chose a natural stone color with lots of movement – it’s best that you pick your slab.   A sample will not provide the overall look of the natural stone movement and color variations on the slab used to cut your kitchen. 

When you visit a slab distributor take a flashlight – so you can see the color and slab quality under the best direct light. Don’t let beauty be the only factor when you pick your slab, check the slab for cracks, pits, divots, marks, lines, or any other imperfections that would be objectionable to you on your finished countertop in your home. It’s always helpful to bring a cabinet door and or a floor tile too. Reject any slab that does not meet your approval.  Examine the slab thoroughly. Be a smart buyer. One man’s imperfection is another person’s beauty --- and we are cutting and polishing your countertop from the slab you select. Select a good slab. If you do not select a specific slab, and direct us to cut and polish an inventory slab that you have not inspected, be prepared for any of the above-described conditions as part of your finished countertop. Again, natural stone is a beautifully natural but imperfect mountain rock, and can not be warranted by Arco-Iris.  Engineered Quartz is warranted by the brand manufacturer.

Natural Stone*  applies to Granite, Quartzite, Dolomite, Marble, Lime Stone, Soap Stone, Onyx and 
Engineered Quartz.

After you select a natural stone color and we determine the amount of natural stone you need, you will be given a written quotation. The quote will include everything from beginning to finish. The only factor affecting your quote is the price of the natural stone color you pick. We do not spend one cent more cutting, polishing,  transporting, and installing the most expensive from the least expensive natural stone. After you accept our quote you should contact us and tell us to make templates. Your request to make templates activates our contract and the production process begins. 

If you are replacing an existing countertop the first step is to make templates from Koraplastic with your participation and with you making decisions. Templates are usually made without removing the old countertop. In rare cases, we may choose to remove the old countertop, then reinstall and reconnect your sink & faucet if necessary.

If you are installing new cabinets, we can make templates after the base cabinets are set. It is very important that your contractor has all trim work, bump-out legs, end panels, and any other additions in place so the templates can be fitted accurately.

When we make templates together you will need to select a sink bowl and an edge profile. We provide 8 models of superior 16 gage (25% thicker than 18 gage) under-mount -stainless steel sinks with insolated bowls, available in various bowl configurations. We also have 16 gage stainless veggie and bar sinks and Porcelain vanity bowls - white or biscuit. We also provide very heavy-duty composite sinks, in various colors. If you are using a farm sink, the sink must be mounted in place, before templates can be made. You can choose one of four free edge profiles or 2 other profiles at a low additional cost.

As we make templates together, we will make countertop design suggestions about many little features and details, but you will determine the final decisions. If you have a raised bar top, with an overhanging eating surface, or a cabinet-level overhang, we can recommend what kind (if any) supports are needed when we make templates.  Usually supports should be constructed after the countertop is installed. But not 100%. A “rule of thumb” is that an overhang can be 12” without supports --- but every situation is different. Raised bar tops always need support.

When the templates are finished the natural stone will be cut just like the templates we designed together. Your quote may need to be adjusted based upon the final square footage after the template is finished. Normally there is little or no difference, but the templates will tell the story. Our square-foot math calculations are always an open book for you to review.

Your counter top will be cut from the slab you picked that on average will measure approx. 70”x 120”. (Each slab is different). The final templates that we designed together will be placed on the slab and cut according to the template. The low price is based upon using the least amount of natural stone to produce your countertop. Because of slab length & height restrictions, pattern flow match up, weight, hauling installation logistics, including kitchen access, cabinet configuration, ceiling height, room size -- etc. it will be necessary to cut the countertop in various lengths that must be seamed together. What is most important is that the flow of the pattern movement (grain) and color variations are matched as close as possible. With some slabs, color variations, are impossible to avoid; and pattern movement is impossible to match. We try hard, but can’t guarantee complete matches. Match-ups are determined by visual experience factors that we have achieved by experience over the years. For example (only an example) we may cut on a piece from the top of the slab and an enjoining piece from the bottom of the slab or from the left of center or right of center to get the best results. The location and number of seams will be kept to a minimum, but they are necessary and will to be determined by Arco-Iris exclusively with consideration to all the factors previously mentioned. While you should expect seams, many, but not all, are virtually undetectable. Seams are most visible in black and dark brown colors and “plain pattern” and solid natural stone colors (little or no movement). Backsplashes, are almost always seamed. Arco-Iris will determine the location and number of seams for countertops and backsplashes, exclusively. During fabrication, we will cut in and polish your sink bowl opening and put on the edge profile that you chose.

Depending on workload, installation can normally occur in about two-three weeks after templates have been made. Be sure that on the day of installation you have on site, your sink, faucet, free-standing range or drop-in cooktop.  CABINET ISSUES - BE ALERT When the old countertop is removed from your existing cabinets, it’s almost certain that you will need small support wood behind the dishwasher and/or lazy Suzan. Normally nothing else is needed. In rare cases, however, cabinet and wall problems can be serious and require additional work for proper countertop installation. We will attempt to remove the existing backsplash very carefully. Problems beyond our control can create additional costs  to you. If you have a lament or solid surface backsplash we will attempt to remove it --- by scoring the calk on top of the backsplash with a razor blade knife --- however, some backsplashes are fastened so securely that dry wallpaper and/or pieces of drywall , and paint will be damaged during removal. If you have existing wall tile above the back splash that is to be removed, it is possible that grout and tiles may fall out or be damaged.  These problems cannot be avoided or resolved by Arco-Iris and you may incur additional charges for repair to another company. Arco-Iris, however, can install a natural stone backsplash that is tall enough to hide the problem areas and that might solve all the issues. But you still might need to use “ touch up “ paint after installation. Grout and tile issues however are more serious and require you to “self-repair” – or hire a tile company. Keep in mind that these problems are not common – but do occur in rare cases.  If you are installing new cabinets be sure that your contractor/cabinet installer – installs your cabinets so that they are perfectly level – (side to side – front to back). Do not accept cabinets that are installed out of level. Un-level cabinets can cause serious natural stone problems, (cracks) and cost you additional money for natural stone. Cabinets should also be set so that the back of the cabinet sits directly against the wall. Be alert and assertive – check your cabinets with a level and look closely to the distance of your cabinet to the wall.

The most common problem installing a countertop on existing cabinets is un-level cabinets and walls that are not straight and or “out of square”. Natural stone does not bend, and cabinet and/or wall problems will affect the appearance of your job. Cabinets must be perfectly level to seam natural stone pieces together. Some problems can be mitigated by calking or shimming; and in some cases scoring and cutting away the drywall will be necessary to adjust the countertop, in order to make it fit. ( drywall cuts are covered by the backsplash). Countertop over-hang distances will be different if cabinets are not set against the wall. Occasionally natural stone will be cut on-site ( field cuts). Seams, – drop-in cooktop holes, and natural stone ends are the most common. These are normal installation modifications that are necessary to attempt to get the best fit. Installation on new cabinets could require the same modifications just stated ---but in addition, serious cabinet installation flaws could become costly to you. Before natural stone problems arise make sure your cabinets are level and installed against the walls.  If you have a raised bar top we will install the natural stone on the support wall ( 2 x 4 --- 2 x 6 ) and support the raised bar top overhang with temporary wood legs (stilts) that will support the bar top until your contractor installs the permanent support system. Do not remove the temporary supports until the permanent support system is in place Please remember --- Arco-Iris is a countertop company, we are not cabinet designers, builders or installers or general contractors or a remodeling company. We install natural stone on your cabinets and against your walls. We do not fix serious cabinet and/or wall problems.

After your countertop is installed --we will silicone the natural stone to your cabinets and silicone the backsplashes to the countertop where the two meet, ( clear silicone will be almost invisible ), but we do not calk above the backsplashes against the walls. Here you will want to apply “paintable calk” --- so you can paint over any wall gaps. After painting -- the gaps will disappear from eyesight.  We will attach your sink to the natural stone with adhesive ( no clamps or brackets are needed)  and drill faucet holes, and cut in the cooktop hole if applicable. You should not hook up the plumbing until the next day so the sink will “set up” and be firmly attached. We will attach the top metal grips on your dishwasher to the bottom of the countertop with 100% silicone. Do not open the dishwasher door for 12 hours to let the silicone “set –up”. This attachment method will allow your dishwasher to be moved out of position for repair or replacement in the future. We will install your countertop without the dishwasher in place and explain the simple attachment method to you.  We can disconnect your existing plumbing and/or electric but we are not licensed to perform plumbing, gas or electric reconnect work. We can, however, suggests a qualified, inexpensive plumber/electrician. He does excellent work, and his price is low. You will pay him directly.Please note that the installation crew will attempt to keep dust in your home to a minimum, however, on-site hole drilling, cooktop cutting and other cutting ---- necessary to fit your countertop, could cause dust. Silicone caulking ---- will need about 12 hours to dry, and you may have to remove excess caulking with a razor blade or solvent after it dries. We will clean up after installation, but you should expect to perform minor clean-up after installation.

Wipe up spills as soon as they occur. Clean your natural stone with normal soap and water. Once every 3 months, you can clean your countertop with “denatured alcohol” purchased at H.D. for $8.00 in the paint department. This cleaning will take 10 minutes. One pint will last a year. This is optional cleaning, but it will clean your countertop as antiseptically clean --- as a hospital.  Wipe off the alcohol cleaning with mild soap and water.   We can seal your natural stone with a new 15-year super sealer.  For a small cost, we can provide you with a 15-year warranty.  You will not need to seal your natural stone every year.  When you have a spill, use common sense by quickly wiping up the spill. If a spill is left to sit, especially if the liquid is grease, oil, coffee, or wine,  the natural stone may darken.  Place a wood cutting board under any cooking fixture that sits on top of your countertop.   (Crockpot, Air Fryer, Electric skillet, Pressure cooker, any multi-use device, [aka Instapot], etc., etc)

The contract begins when a customer accepts the Arco-Iris quote and invites Arco-Iris to make templates. The quoted amount is based on one visit for making templates and one visit for installation. If Arco-Iris must return for additional visits – the customer will be charged a trip charge based on labor time and distance, unless the additional trip is the responsibility of Arco-Iris. At the time templates are made, a deposit of seventy percent (70%) of the quote is payable, the remaining thirty percent (30%) plus any amount for additions and modification is payable at installation. If issues arise that are outside normal installation and payment procedures, Arco-Iris reserves the right to be paid in full before addressing further issues and performing additional work. The customer agrees that the natural stone remains the property of Arco-Iris LLC, even after installation, until the total amount of the contract has been paid in full. If Arco-Iris must remove the counter-top for non-payment, the customer agrees to allow Arco-Iris to re-enter the property and remove the counter-top and agrees that Arco-Iris will keep the deposit paid by the customer. Customer agrees and consents that this transaction/contract/ occurs at 231 Walker Lane Edgewood Kentucky   41017, Kenton County Kentucky (regardless of the installation location and/or address of the customer in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana or West Virginia and/or the location where the contract is signed) and that the law of Kenton County and the State of Kentucky prevail.  The customer further agrees and consents to the jurisdiction and venue of Kenton County, Kentucky, for any action arising out of this Agreement or the relationship between the customer and Arco-  Iris LLC.

The customer acknowledges that he/she has read, understands, and accepts the information and specifications presented in this document (“teamwork”) as the terms and conditions and mutual responsibilities of this transaction. Click “TeamWork” on our website  *Natural Stone applies to Granite, Quartzite, Dolomite, Marble, Lime Stone, Soap Stone, Onyx and Engineered artz.

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