705  W. Fourteenth  ( 14th )  St
 W. Huntington  W. V.   25701
859 – 331 – 6446
 “ Olde Antique District “
 Exemplary Craftsmanship for 16 Years



Please visit our showroom at the above address


Monday – Sunday   24 / 7          


It is not a retail store  ----- ( No Person )  ------  It is a Showroom


Lock Box   (Call for Code)---- Light Switch is on the left wall by entrance.


You will see More than 200 large granite samples and 8 Quartz Sample Towers at the showroom.  No little sample pieces


Help yourself to sink & faucet & edge profile literature on the table

Also --- take our business card with phone and e mail information.


FYI --- Forget about brand names for Quartz. All quartz is made exactly the same   ----- 93% crushed quartz crystals --- 7 % resin and coloring. --- No such thing as an inferior  --- or ---- superior Quartz.

Buy it for looks ---  color and price ----


Take pictures of everything you like, write down names.

Text everything to our number 859 – 331 – 6446.


In order to give you a quote --- we need a sketch of your project with dimensions - and the address of the project. Also your e mail address


We can  e – mail a quote to you quickly