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Arco – Iris recommends 5 different Quartz products because of the quality of the Quartz and the integrity of the distributor companies that sell the Quartz

FORGET all about Quartz brand names ---No brand is superior or inferior
All Quartz products are made the same way---- Approximately 97 % crushed quartz crystals and 7 % resin and coloring ----

Quartz prices compared to Granite --- fall into the  --- Med – High  and  Very High 
Price categories. There are many Granites that are lower price than Quartz

Quartz came to life about 4 years ago when HGTV started the white / gray look for kitchens and counter tops and the White Marble look was promoted.

Cararra Marble ---- Statuary Marble  --- Calcutta Marble – Arabesescato Marble
But ( as you probably know ) marble is a softer more porous natural stone

The man- made quartz industry jumped on the marble color popularity and started making “ marble – look alike”  quartz colors and sales exploded.  Now customers are choosing man made quartz  --- for color .

We recommend the following Quartz products --- click on each to see the colors

Forget all about Quartz brand names.

All Quartz products are made the same way

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