Low Prices

You will love our Low Prices

  • Free Sink and Faucet Deal

    A free sink and faucet are included in kitchen sizes of 70 sq/ft. and up.
    That is a retail savings of over $750.00

  • Remnant Sale

    Save More – Use Remnants for Vanities, tables, fire places

  • Our prices vs. the competition

    A. Removal and disposal of existing counter tops (FREE)
    ( tile counter tops not included)

    Savings HD charges $17 per square foot. Lowe’s charges $6 per square foot.

    (After removal of existing countertop, it may be necassary to install wood bracing behind the dishwasher cavity and behind the lazy suzan.

    B. Four edges — Eased, Bevel, Rolled, Double Rolled

    Savings — You are saving at least $500.00 – to – $600.00.

    C. Radius or clipped outside corners

    Savings — H.D. charges $36 and more for Radius Corners.

    You can determine your savings by how many radius corners you have

    D. Polished edges on both sides of a free standing range

    Savings — This option not offered by H.D. or Lowes

    E. Polished underside of all exposed front & side edges — smooth to the touch

    Savings – Not offered by H.D. or Lowes

    F. One sixteenth (1/16”) over hang on all under mount sinks

    Savings – Not offered by H.D. or Lowes

    G. Radius inside corners ( on L shaped counters) or Forty Five Degree (45o) corners

    Savings — $36.00 per radius and $96.00 for each 45o corner

    H. As many faucet holes as you wish —

    Savings – After 4 holes — H.D. charges $10.00 per hole

    I . All electric plug outlets

    Savings – H.D. charges $18.00 per plug cut out.

    J. All cabinet “bump outs” and cuts around posts or odd shapes

    Savings – H.D. charges added amounts for “Custom Work Tasks”.

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