Do not shop based on price per square foot. You will be miss led. Many companies quote square foot prices then add extra charges for various features that inflate your total out of pocket cost. These extra charges could double the square foot price.

The cost to create your counter top is the same for the least expensive or most expensive granite. The only factor that causes your price to go up or down is the cost of the granite you pick

The colors are sorted into 5 price groups.

Color’s in group [1] are the lowest … [5] the highest.



We also offer Exotic and Precious Granite. Though very beautiful you might have to sell your BMW. These two granite groups are priced above the 5 group tiers.




Arco-Iris is a certified and a licensed applicator of a NEW SUPER SEALER

Using Nano Science – (molecule modification) technology.

This sealer is so good that one can make a fist size cavity in a pile of sand (sealer treated sand to create a little lake) — and pour water into the cavity — and the sand will hold the water.
Unbelievable but true!

The product will be applied to your granite for a small additional cost. The sealer will not darken or discolor the granite. Unlike sticky – gooier sealers on the market (expensive)- this sealer do not attempt to seep into the natural stone cavities and block off the crevasses — not allowing the rock to breathe. This sealer modifies the molecules of the granite, that will not let anything penetrate the rock, but still lets the granite breathe. It is a fantastic product.

You will not have to seal for 15 years, and you will have a 15-year performance warranty as back up.
Most important is that you can enjoy the beauty of your granite – everyday –and have peace of mind that your granite investment is safe and secure.